Camporella IGT Toscana White 2022

Nel processo produttivo non vengono utilizzate proteine animali o prodotti di origine sintetica ad eccezione della solforosa necessaria; spesso inferiore ai parametri del disciplinare biologico. L´azienda basa il proprio lavoro su pratiche esclusivamente biologiche e biodinamiche.

Grapes: 100% Trebbiano

Harvest: by hand in crates in early September

Vinification: In 800l Impruneta terracotta amphorae without temperature control. Fermentation is carried out with indigenous yeasts, and the must/wine remains in maceration on the skins for 2 months

Aging: After racking, the wine remains another 6 months in amphora followed by an aging period in bottle of at least 4 months

Number of bottles produced: 980 per year of 0.75l

Alcohol content: 12.5 percent

Production area: Barberino Val d’Elsa (Barberino Tavarnelle)

Altitude: 270 m asl

Vineyard characteristics: the grapes come from planting in 1961 and 1986

Soil characteristics: medium-textured soil, predominantly sand and clay

No selected yeasts, enzymes, tannins, animal proteins or products of synthetic origin are used in the production process except for the necessary sulfur dioxide.
The company bases its work on exclusively organic and biodynamic practices.