T h e a r t r e s i d e n c y F a t t o r i a l e M a s s e

T o s u p p o r t m u l t i d i s c i p l i n a r y a r t i s t s . . .

The art residency Fattoria le Masse, is a program dedicated to support multidisciplinary artists.

It is a laboratory and a space that aims to promote cultural exchange and contemporary sustainability.

. . . t o c r e a t e a d i a l o g u e w i t h t h e p l a c e

The initiative was born in June 2021, with the intention to involve international artists to build dialogues with our territory.

For the first edition, the project featured IN/SU/LA, a contemporary art festival founded in Ventotene in 2017.

Yvonne Andreini, Achim Bertenburg, Alessio Castagna, Lea Mugnaini,Daniel Mohr, Benedetto Pietromarchi & Sibylle Springer were the first artists invited.