The passion for our territory has given birth to a project that is based on the practices and principles of biodynamic agriculture, not only as a method to cultivate and produce but also as a way of living and supporting in harmony the environment.
We consider ourselves artisans and that is why every phase of the process is as manual as possible, from the harvesting of the grapes to the pressing in the cellar (without the use of pumps during the entire period of fermentation).
In the vinification process we do not use selected yeasts, enzymes or bacteria and no type of aromatic additives. The respect of the natural processes of transformation ensures the birth of a wine which is a true expression of its territory.

Some of the most important operational tools used in biodynamics are the agricultural rotations: the alternation of different annual crops, including green manures, which allow the soil to be nourished and increase its biodiversity.

Then there are the biodynamic preparations, which can be macerated medicinal herbs, cow manure (which has undergone a particular process of transformation), etc., among which the horn manure and silicon horn are considered the most important.

Composting is another fundamental practice in which all the organic waste produced within the company (pruning residues, marc, lees, etc.) to which cow manure is part, are accumulated and left to transform for at least a year so that they become a fertilizer for reuse.
Of fundamental importance is also researching treatments which are not destructive for the soil, for preserving its structure and its balance.

The lunar and planetary calendar for sowing and cultivation operations is a compass that allows the farmer to orientate himself on the moments of implementation of the various practices.

One of the main goals of biodynamic agriculture is to develop a capacity for observation, perception and intuition that leads to act with the environment at the right time.
The work in agriculture is not standardized, therefore it cannot be conditioned by a series of recipes established a year before in a calendar.