Organic Biodynamic chianti wine

A New Generation of Winegrowers

Fattoria Le Masse produces organic biodynamic chianti wine. The Farm is kept by Mugnaini family in the Chianti Classico area of ​​Barberino Val D’Elsa.

Our passion for this territory has given life to a project that is based on the practices and principles of biodynamic agriculture not only as a method to cultivate and produce good and vital products but also as a way of life, placing the main aim of supporting the earth and enter into deep harmony with it.

We consider ourselves artisans and that is why every stage of processing is as manual as possible, from the harvest of the grapes to the fulling in the cellar without the use of pumps during the whole fermentation period.

We do not use sulfites, selected yeasts, enzymes or bacteria and no type of sulphite aromatic additive in winemaking. Respect for the natural processes of transformation ensures the birth of a wine that is a true expression of its territory.

organic biodynamic chianti wine

organic biodynamic chianti wine


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