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BIODYNAMIC CULTIVATION - biodynamic chianti wine

The fertility of the earth

Fattoria Le Masse in Barberino Tavarnelle, close to Florence, Tuscany, produces biodynamic chianti wine and EVO oil, at the highest quality with respect of human  health and environment.

To increase and maintain the fertility of the earth, through the care of its fundamental factor: HUMUS.

The creation of an Agricultural Organization

The farm as a whole must be developed by orienting, thanks to the addressing capacity of the farmer, the company’s ecological processes towards a real organ of phenomenological relations which is called the Agricultural Organization. Over time this becomes more and more intimately linked to the development of perceptive abilities and the inner work of the farmer. A bond of spiritual and practical knowledge that is measured by the self-regulating power of the agricultural organism with respect to all macro-phenomena such as meteorological and climatic ones.

The evolution towards Agricultural Individuality

In the evolutionary path of the well-run farm, which has become a balanced Agricultural Organization with the continuation and intensification of conscious work on the company’s ecological balances and with the use of quality biodynamic preparations together with carefully crafted agricultural operations and operations, it can reach a higher ecological evolutionary step: Agricultural Individuality.

The change is gradual and clearly visible to the naked eye: the company becomes the site of a more autonomous ecological phenomenology than its neighbors. The balances of the microbial world, of that of insects, animals, that of flora, the quality and quantity of plant mass, appear with clearly higher numbers and qualities than neighboring ones. But all this is based on the fundamental process of humus.

Humus as status nascendi (A. Podolinsky) is the process that only the farmer can bring to soils in which the organic colloid frees the mineral world from its chemical unilaterality to insert it into an active relationship with the world of the living organic. A process that becomes vertical from the surface to the depth. The revolution that this process brings together with radical and microbial biodiversity makes the soil of that place unique as a place rich in life, air and light.

The climatic, environmental and anthropic influences are absorbed according to a more harmonious trend and the extreme peaks are harmonized according to softer curves.

Quality as fulfillment

Produce plants and animals that are not only healthy, but that have at most levels developed their typical qualities.

  • The most important operational tools of the biodynamic farmer are:
  • Agricultural rotations
  • The biodynamic preparations
  • Composting is in heaps with biodynamic preparations or with surface treatments
  • The lunar and planetary calendar for sowing and cultivation operations
  • The non-destructive working of the soil
  • Quality fertilization through special green manuring and fertilization with biodynamic composts
biodynamic chianti wine